Knifemaking Suppliers

Below is a list of suppliers that I have used in the past and the present. Since I am in Canada you may find it odd that many of the suppliers that I have chosen to utilize are based in the United States. These suppliers offer a wide range of raw materials and all of the equipment needed to make knives. By choosing to buy from the USA almost everything that I order is subject to shipping charges and typically increases my overhead however, I have found that these suppliers can't be beat in regards to selection, customer service or lead times. There are some fantastic Canadian vendors as well and they are also listed below.

Should you ever decide to try your hand at knifemaking (and I suggest that you do because it is very rewarding), these are some of the suppliers that I highly recommend - listed in alphabetic order.

Canadian Knife Maker   Offering a good selection of blade steels including some damascus. Some other materials available here are handle materials, mosaic pins, mammoth ivory, hardware and most anything that you need to construct a knife. Brass and stainless steel are among other raw materials which are offered by this vendor. They also offer books and equipment such as kilns, forges and grinders along with grinder belts. They even offer a heat treating process for your blades. This is a fantastic Canadian outlet and essentially a one stop shopping experience.
Jantz   They have absolutely everything from a large selection of knife steels, pre-made gaurds, handle materials including exotic bone & horn, fastners and hardware. Also a good source for equipment like forges and grinders just to name a few.
New Jersey Steel Baron   A great selection of steels for blade construction including some stainless steels. They are also a good source for scale materials.
Tru-Grit   The place to go for all of your abrassive and polishing needs. They have an amazing selection of grinder belts, discs or cotton wheels and polishing compounds. They also offer excellent customer service and fast shipping.
Tucker's Pottery Supplies Inc.   For anyone who wishes to build their own forge (gas or electric), this vendor is a good Canadian source for fiber blanket, rigidizer, fire bricks, elements, coils or cement.
T.U.S. Technologies Inc.   An amazing stencil manufacturer for electro-chemical etching of things like maker's marks or other important information you may want to put onto your finished knives. They truly have supperior customer service and an excellent product.
USA Knife Maker   A great resource for brass and copper which is often used in bolsters, pommels and rivets among other things. They also offer a wide selection of blade steels and handle materials. Knife kits are also offered for sale along with pre-made blade blanks. A great source for the every day knife maker.


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